What We Do Best

Olympusat Telecom is a full-service communications provider headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL. We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions and collaboration for both the enterprise and consumer customers.

We began providing value added services for our clients and now have expanded into delivering Cloud Solutions, Content Distribution Network Services (CDN), IPTV Multicast and Unicast, VoIP to Enterprise Consumer customers, secure ISP delivery to bandwidth heavy enterprises, Telecom services and Video Broadcast solutions.

Olympusat Telecom is an industry leading platform that enables businesses to ingest, manage and deliver video to internal and external audiences. Our software is used worldwide by large corporations to increase operational efficiency and drive revenue for publishers and syndicators of video.

Interested in our services?


Cost efficient and reliable B2B carrier-grade OTT platform, developed for operators in the U.S. and Latin America.


Online video platform that makes it incredibly easy to transmit recorded (VOD) and LIVE video to websites, mobile apps, and large event screens.


Real time audio and video signal encoding that works with multiple input sources and output formats.


Premier IP Distribution transport service that delivers content at its highest quality for a fraction of what traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable operators charge.


Optimal blend of cost-effective, quality and ease of use features, plus the scalability to support the delivery of a robust online content experience.


Customizable to meet the needs and demands of your business both small and large.