A Gift Horse, a Famous Mouse and Dreamers of Dreams Showcased on Ultra Familia

West Palm Beach, FL – August 11, 2019 – Ultra Familia, a leading provider of family-friendly HD Spanish-language entertainment for audiences of all ages, is pleased to announce the network premiere of a pair of delightfully uplifting stories about how hope, kindness, and perseverance can result in dreams coming true.

On August 11 at 8:00 p.m. EDT, Olympusat’s Ultra Familia network takes a peek into the world of equestrian show jumping with Caballo Campeón (A Gift Horse). Amanda is typically a spunky young girl full of life but she’s grieving the loss of her mother and struggling with the reality that her father has moved on to another relationship. In order to cope, she starts spending time at a ranch owned by a wealthy businessman named Mr. Canter (John Schneider). It’s at the ranch that Amanda encounters Canter’s spoiled rotten daughter Abigail and a beautiful white show horse named Misty. After Abigail rejects Misty for being a poor performer, it’s up to Amanda and a determined horse trainer named Charlotte to restore Misty’s confidence and prove what a champion she truly is. Caballo Campeón (A Gift Horse) is produced by BIC Media Solutions and Leverage Entertainment. It runs approximately 83 minutes. Teddy Smith directs. Supporting cast includes: Kyla Kenedy as Amanda, Madeline Thelton as Charlotte, Katie Kelly as Abigail and Hale Bopp as Misty.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” Walt Disney once said. On August 18 at 8:00 p.m. EDT, join us for a journey into the imagination of the legendary entertainment icon in Como Lo Hacen Los Sonadores (As Dreamers Do). Disney’s lifelong love affair with making animated films resulted in the launching of an entertainment empire literally built on the popularity of a mouse named Mickey. It’s hard to believe it has been over 90 years since Micky Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie, the 1928 landmark animated short film. While the road to success for Disney’s life seems to have been paved in gold, it was actually pockmarked with significant hardship along the way.  Como Lo Hacen Los Sonadores (As Dreamers Do) portrays the life of a young ambitious Disney who by sticking to his dreams of becoming an animator, left a legacy of unforgettable characters, films and amusement parks. Como Lo Hacen Los Sonadores (As Dreamers Do) is directed by Logan Sekulow and produced by Laugh-O-Gram Studios. Country music star Travis Tritt is the narrator, Olan Rogers stars as Walt Disney and Ryan Dunlap as Roy Disney. Run time is 90 minutes.

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Jesús Piñango

Senior Director of News