Cine Mexicano Kicks Off January with Race of Death Forbidden Love Story

West Palm Beach, FL –  Cine Mexicano starts 2019 with a bang, debuting a diverse menu of action, crime, drama and romantic films directed by renown directors Alfonso Ortiz Lara and Rodolfo Rodriguez. These high-quality releases solidify Cine Mexicano as the country’s prime, Spanish-language movie network. Cine Mexicano’s vision is to always feature contemporary and commercial-free programming, including rancheras, comedies and action dramas.

The month begins with Alfonso Ortiz Lara’s romantic action drama Carrera a Muerte (Race of Death). Carrera a Muerte tells the story of two brothers by adoption who fall in love with the same mysterious woman. What they don’t know is that she has changed her name to conceal her deceit.  But what starts as a game culminates in very negative consequences because the lady didn’t know that the two men were related. Carrera a Muerte is full of twists and turns and features Jesús Valencia, Valentín Trujillo, Elías Hernández, Margarito Barajas and Saúl Esqueda. The movie debuts January 2, 2019 at 10 p.m.EST, 7 p.m. PT.

The other titles being released by Cine Mexicano in January are:

 El Motero (Field of Grass)

1/09/2019 10 p.m. EST

Synopsis: El Motero depicts a group of families dedicated to growing and trafficking marijuana. With the police constantly on their heels, the criminal organization and their respective families face betrayal, murder, and deception. With the operation on the brink of collapse, the characters must decide what is most important. Will money, greed and riches win over love and the bond of a family? Who will have to fall so that the rest can carry on? Will anyone survive the internal conflict that is tearing them apart? Also directed by Alfonso Ortiz Lara. Starring Luis Huizar, Jesus Heredia, Vianey Huizar and Chuy El Bandido de Amor.

Libertad Verdadera (True Freedom)

1/23/2019 10 p.m. EST

Synopsis: A professional assassin with ties to a ruthless criminal organization faces the biggest decision of his life when he is ordered to kill a little girl. Under increased pressure to complete the morbid job, he chooses instead the ultimate and perhaps deadliest option: To confront and eliminate the leaders of the crime organization, save the little girl’s life and find redemption and – true freedom.  This intense, action-packed film was directed by Rodolfo Rodriguez and stars Max Hernandez Jr., German Uzarraga, Carlos Puente “El Pompeyo” and Paola Gaer. Mrs. Gaer is also an international film producer.

Pedro y Pablo (Peter and Paul)

1/30/2019 10 p.m. EST

Synopsis: Two inseparable brothers tragically lose their parents and quickly find themselves in a constant struggle to survive. With little food to eat and the bills mounting, Pedro, the oldest, makes the hard decision to cross the border illegally to find better work so that his brother doesn’t have to discontinue his education. Pedro makes the dangerous trek and soon finds a job as a servant for a wealthy family. While separated, the brothers face various challenges and, eventually, romantic love. But will romance keep the brothers apart indefinitely? Will Pedro return to the village and leave behind the new life he found in the city? Pedro y Pablo is yet another quality firm directed by Alonso O. Lara, starring Darwing Espinoza Castillo, Tony Perez, and Luz Cabrera.

“Alfonso Ortiz Lara has definitely grown as a director over the past years as we can see in these releases,” commented Jesús Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat.  “Having started with short videos and other clips, Mr. Lara is quickly building an impressive list of full-length, high-quality motion pictures,” Piñango said. “We are very pleased to constantly bring our viewers this type of value-added, world-class content. Stay tuned for much more,” he added.

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