Heartwarming parenting stories premieres on Ultra Familia

West Palm Beach, FL – September 28, 2020 – Ultra Familia, a leading provider of family-friendly HD Spanish-language entertainment for audiences of all ages, presets two Russian Ukrainian heartwarming and emotional stories about the process of raising children today: Papá en Renta (Rent a Dad) directed by Artem Litvinenko and Mamá En Renta (Rent a Mum) directed by Nikolai Mikhailov.

Papá en Renta (Rent a Dad) tells the story of a young unmarried mother, who is raising her 10-year old son as best she can, but it is clear that he needs a father, just like his friends. One day, the boy arrives home, a scruffy unshaven man bursts into the building being pursued by a gang of men. The child wonders if this man might possibly be his father and the man to avoid being captured, goes along with the story.

The man tells the boy that he is a policeman and the reason for his long absence is that he has been working undercover. He entertains him with stories of his many adventures and tough assignments and the two formed a close bond. The child changes are obvious to his mother, but when she discovers that her son’s improvement is due to the man’s dishonesty, she throws him out and threatens to call the police if he ever tries to come back.

Mamá En Renta (Rent a Mum) describes how a little girl lives with her father and grandmother. The real mother left her family long ago when she went to America in search of a better life. Even though her father and grandmother love her very much, the girl still passionately dreams of her mother, which greatly upsets her father, who does not believe in the decency of women after his ex-wife left them.

He decides to prove to Sonya that a stepmother is not the best way out of the situation. On the highway, along which he often drives, working as a truck driver, in a third-rate cafe, he persuades (for a good fee) a waitress – a rude woman who has given up on herself for a long time – to live for some time in his house as a supposed stepmother. But the girl decides that the woman can be bewitched, and she will turn into a kind and beautiful mother.

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