International Crime Thriller TV Shows to Watch On Ultra Macho

West Palm Beach, FL – September 30, 2020 – Ultra Macho, a Spanish-language HD channel featuring the best in travel, extreme sports, Mexican wrestling, cars, late-night adult shows, reality series, documentaries and other programming, presents two crime thriller TV shows to watch this season that will sweep the audience up in their complex mystery storyline: the Ukrainian La Autopsia lo Dirá (Autopsy Will Show) and the Thai Ojos de Diamante (Diamond Eyes).

La Autopsia lo Dirá (Autopsy Will Show) is a Ukrainian TV series about a medical examiner, who is considered as not the best congenial person in her field. She never stays at the same job for a long time. Due to the circumstances she comes back to one of her previous workplaces, where she will have to solve yet other crimes with a new investigator colleague, who help her to uncovering a range of confusing cases, while trying to get along with each other.

Ojos de Diamante (Diamond Eyes) is a Thai TV series which follows a Police Captain story, who was attacked and lost his left eye. Luckily, someone donated an eye, but to his surprise it was a special eye which can see ghosts and spirits, according some Taiwanese practices for people who believe in spirituality and well-being. He uses it to solve police investigations and validate criminal cases. According to the Asian tradition he becomes a man with the power of a third eye even he has just two.

Ultra Macho is currently available on Hotwire Communications and FiOS by Verizon.

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Jesús Piñango

Senior Director of News