Six foreign TV dramas to watch this season on Ultra Luna

West Palm Beach, FL – October 26, 2020 – Ultra Luna, the HD entertainment channel that features the most popular and captivating series, narconovelas, and telenovelas catering to the Latina audience, presents six international drama TV series to watch this season from Chile, Colombia,  Spain, and Turkey.

Casa de Muñecos is a Chilean telenovela which revolves around the Falco sisters, who will discover why their mother abandoned their father after more than 50 years of marriage.

Desaparecida is a Turkish drama series about how a happy family celebration turns into a complete nightmare when the only daughter of the clan suddenly vanished.

Laura, una vida Extraordinaria is a Colombian drama series about a woman’s decision 150 years ago to defend, help, make miracles, and cure the less fortunate of her town.

Juegos de Poder is a Chilean telenovela about how a prominent politician will do everything in his power to protect his son from charges against him as suspect of a crime.

Olmos y Robles, Una Pareja De Ley is a Spaniard series focuses on two civil guards who come from different backgrounds and work together solving relevant crimes.

Ultra Luna is owned and operated by Olympusat, and it’s currently available on Hotwire Communications, Charter Spectrum, and FiOS by Verizon.

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Media Contact:

Jesús Piñango

Senior Director of News