The secrets of a dysfunctional family to unravel on Tele N

Palm Beach, FL – August 10, 2020 – Tele N, the television network that showcases the best selection of classic Mexican movies as well as the most popular telenovelas and series from around the world, premieres the Ukrainian TV series La Chica Griega (Greek Woman), family drama produced to attract a wide audience because the heroes turned out to be multilateral and as if drawn from real people, with all their pluses and minuses.

The main character, Tanya, works at a provincial museum and specializes in the art of ancient Greece. Thanks to her passion she meets a handsome, wealthy metropolitan art dealer Gregory and marries him, but after things get serious and the honeymoon stage wears off, she notices she has more than a new relationship with him, she has his entire family to get to know and welcome as well: domineering mother, pale sister, and intrigued lover.

The male main character, Gregory, has been so dependent and accustomed to a luxury environment from early childhood through adult life. The young man grew up without a father and was raised by his mother Sophia. She was ambitious, driven by her need for power. Sophia enjoyed an opulent lifestyle and provided her children with everything they needed – money, and even antique shops. Gregory and his sister grew up very spoiled.

Sophia, as the mother of Gregory, will do everything in order to destroy her daughter-in-law Tanya. The woman is not able to maintain a positive attitude. She could be described as ruthlessness and coldness. Moreover, Sophia is very reserved and does not allow her children to express their feelings. They can’t find themselves in the white-knuckled grip of a toxic relationship in which they never know how things will look when each other’s less adorable.

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