The surprising truths about two-family secrets exposed on Tele N Series

West Palm Beach, FL – September 2, 2020 – Tele N, the television network that showcases the best selection of classic Mexican movies as well as the most popular telenovelas and series from around the world, premieres two short tv series from Spain about what happens when a family reputation is challenged by past secrets as La Memoria del Agua (The Memory of Water) and Habitaciones Cerradas (Closed Rooms).

La Memoria del Agua (The Memory of Water) is a two-episodes tv series sets in the 1920’s when a woman is entrusted with the responsibility of managing Isabela Spa, her family’s resort. The favorite pleasure place for the Spanish and European high class. Converted in a psychiatric hospital over the years, the walls of the old bath resort held for decades some secrets which are nowadays submerged under the waters of her family’s reservoir.

Habitaciones Cerradas (Closed Rooms) is a two-episodes tv series about the work and fame of a Spaniard painter from the 1900’s which name is still well-known internationally and his talent remains undisputed today. The discovery, eighty years after his death, of a corpse entombed in a tiny room hidden behind a fresco in the artist’s former residence, sets off all the alarms. His granddaughter will take on the task of disinterring his secret past.

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