True-Crime Forensics Cases TV Series Premieres on Ultra Tainment

West Palm Beach, FL – August 31, 2020 – Ultra Tainment, the HD Spanish-language pop culture channel that offers the best entertainment from Latin America and the United States, premieres Asesinato en la Mira (Spotlight Murder), an Austrian psychodrama-mystery TV series with the events of a real murder case with no happy ending, but for sure a roller-coaster news coverage.

Asesinato en la Mira (Spotlight Murder) is an eight-part crime reenactment series which combines the plot-driven narrative structure of a classic whodunit mystery, presented by the real investigators, crime scene technicians, and medical examiners in charge of the original cases. The unit investigation relates their impressions during the examination process and explains it step by step as a part of an exciting investigative journey.

Each episode is based on real murder case solved by the Vienna police. The real killers were convicted — hence the clear message of the series is that there is no perfect murder. At the end of the day, everyone makes a mistake. There is no happy ending. There is not even a sad ending, sometimes there is still no ending, but for sure there is always a vivid, exhaustive, and exhausting roller-coaster news coverage.

The series is a co-production by ORF and Interspot in association with Austrian Television Fund and Vienna Film Fund. The following true crime titles cover the nonfiction docuseries episodes of 42 minutes each: Deadly gamble, A perfect plan, frozen, missing, stab to heart, sadist, death cry, and lady-killer.

Ultra Tainment is owned and operated by Olympusat Inc., and it’s currently available on Claro and Hotwire Communications.

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