Ultra Cine Premieres The Best Spaniard Time Travel Show Ever in March

West Palm Beach, FL – March 1, 2020 – Ultra Cine, the HD movie network that focuses on award-winning and original films from Spain and Latin America in their original Spanish-language format, premieres the Spaniard TV series The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo) every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET, starting on March 7th.

The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo) follows the adventures of three officers from different eras work for a secret agency guarding Spain’s past against time-traveling intruders trying to manipulate history. It is the concept of time travel to show in a smart way big things about the sins of history and the pain in each and every human heart. The piece ‘The Ministry of Time’ Might Just Be The Best Time Travel Show Ever by journalist Meghan O’keefe from Decider says: “Believe me when I say that The Ministry of Time might just be the best time travel show ever.”

The story tells that sometime in the past, the Spanish government acquired a hall of doors that contained thousands of entryways into different points in time. Naturally, to preserve Spain’s history, the government set up the ministry, funding its workers across all eras of time. Throughout the series, the audience follows the main and supporting characters as they frantically try to stop the spies and soldiers, who want to manipulate the timeline.

Through the episodes, the audience will encounter Spanish personalities known all over the world. The beautiful and determined Isabella of Castilla, and so does the intimidating Tomás de Torquemada — Spain’s first Grand Inquisitor, lover of heretic-burning. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, just like nobody expects a Groundhog Day reference and a satirical interpretation of the setting, complete with a man being burned on a pyre repeatedly.

The science-fiction series with 34 episodes, 70 minutes each, is produced in Spain for Netflix. The stories call for whole new casts of supporting roles, guest stars, directors, and writers per season. There aren’t that many Sci-Fi series coming out of Spain, and even Latin America doesn’t have that many TV productions. Culturally, Sci-Fi is a genre created for people who like speculation. The Spaniards are usually not in that group, which makes the series such a breath of fresh air.

The Ministry of Time won the Best 2018 Mini-Series/TV-Series Platinum Awards and the Best 2016 Series-Drama Actress -Aura Garrido- and Best Supporting Actor -Hugo Silva- Feroz Awards. It was nominated in 2017 as Best Mini-Series/TV-Series Platinum Awards and got 5 nominations in 2017 as Best Drama Series Feroz Awards.

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