Ultra Macho Premieres The Most Watched Chinese Epic TV Series

West Palm Beach, FL – March 1, 2020 – Ultra Macho, Olympusat’s HD channel featuring the best in travel, extreme sports, Mexican wrestling, cars, late-night adult shows, reality series, documentaries and other programming, announces the network premiere of the Chinese epic historical series Nothing Gold Can Stay, every Thursday and Friday, starting on March 19 at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Nothing Gold Can Stay chronicles the life of Zhou Ying, a Chinese woman who transformed from an innocent girl into a powerful and successful businesswoman. Born into a poor family, Zhou Ying lived an unstable life with her gambler father until he sold her to a rich family to be a servant girl. She escaped and met Wu Pin, the son of a wealthy local merchant, who later became her husband.

Zhou Ying and Wu Pin were happy until Wu was poisoned and died. Zhou took over Wu’s business, built a successful empire and became the richest woman in Shaanxi. In the process, Zhou became the woman who had everything: fame, power, money, and, most importantly, love. At least five men loved Zhou, and would happily die for her, even saving her when her rivals plotted to kill her.

Based on the real-life story of Zhou Ying in the late Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the story is all the more compelling for having had Zhou’s great-granddaughter, Wu Guohua, as a writing consultant and one of the producers of te show. The Chinese Business Gazette, a newspaper based in Shaanxi, interviewed Wu Guohua, who said that Zhou’s great-grandfather was a government official and powerful businessman. Zhou’s family was related with Wu’s family for generations, which is how Zhou met Wu.

The dramatic storyline, exquisite production, and solid acting received critical acclaim. China’s most influential movie-reviewing website Douban gave it a rating of 7.5, the social media platform Weibo, under the tag of the show’s name, received more than 3.3 million posts, with the tag viewed 6.6 billion times, and the show’s official Weibo account has attracted more than 400,000 followers.

The historical fiction series has 74 episodes of 45 minutes each, directed by Ding Hei; starring Sun Li and Chen Xiao. Sun rose to fame in director Ding’s series Jade Goddess of Mercy. Her impressive performance in the epic historical series Empresses in the Palace and The Legend of Miyue made her one of China’s A-list stars. Oscar-winning Hong Kong designer Tim Yip was the series’ art designer.

Nothing Gold Can Stay won the 2017 Best Television Series and Best Supporting Actress Hengdian Film and TV Festival Awards in China. The 2018 Outstanding Historical Television Series and Oustanding Actress -Su Xiaoyuan- Flying Apsaras Awards, as well as, the 2018 Best Cinematography China TV Golden Eagle Awards.

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