Untamed Sports TV takes its audience this season on a motor series premieres ride

West Palm Beach, FL – September 29, 2020 – Untamed Sports TV, the television network dedicated to outdoor sports and recreation programming, takes its audience on a high-speed ride into the genre of car culture this season with three motor series and two emotion-driven documentaries: The amazing world of automobiles, Classic cars, Long haul’s king of the road, A season to remember, Chasing the white air, and Texan on tour.

The amazing world of automobiles: It is the perfect occasion to Chart the evolution of cars throughout the ages, from the first Model T Ford to roll off the conveyor belt through the most recent innovations in design, including cars that reduce your carbon footprint.

Classic cars: It brings the opportunity to take a glimpse under the hood and inside 5 classic American-made cars from the 1920’s trough the 1960’s, models that had a profound impact on shaping the American identity, presented by Ian Holm, Jane Lapotaire, and Richard Morant.

Long haul’s king of the road: It focuses on the extraordinary lives of America’s truckers Long Haul’s King of the Road, powered by Peterbilt. In its third season, King of the Road, shares an insight into their work hard and play tough lifestyle.

A season to remember: It follows Billy through the seasons of life and changes he experiences as a human being. Billy returns to the woods and places where he shared with his father, showing different aspects of his dad life as a family leader and teacher.

Chasing the white air: It shows the Australian highest mountain, Mt Kosciusko, which has a thriving snow culture, largely unknown to Northern Hemisphere snow lovers, where it takes place international competitions created for extreme and snowboard athletes.

Texan on tour: It is a series with Matthew Kuehn Miller, Texan, food lover, travel enthusiast, and writer, who takes his audience on a road trip to America’s greatest cities and towns in search of the food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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