Vintage Adventure Movies Premieres on Ultra Clásico

West Palm Beach, FL – September 29, 2020 – Ultra Clásico, the Spanish-language channel comprised of digitally re-mastered classics and award-winning movies from the Golden Age of Mexican and Latin American cinema from the 1930s through the 1980s, premieres four classic adventure movies: Tormenta Sobre El Pacífico (Il Grande Colpo di Surcouf), La Vieja Música (The Old Music), El Puente De Los Suspiros (Il ponte dei sospiri), and  Entre Dios y El Diablo (Anche nel west c’era una volta Dio).

Tormenta Sobre El Pacífico (Il Grande Colpo di Surcouf) is a 1966 Spaniard/French/Italian classic romantic adventure coproduction film directed by Sergio Bergonzelli and Roy Rowland. It sets during the Napoleonic Wars time when the pirate Surcouf is assigned by Napoleon to retrieve valuable documentation taken by the British army and guarded by Lord Blackwood, who ultimately swordplayed with Surcouf. It is a movie sequels to Surcouf, l’Eroe Dei Sette Mares or The Sea Pirate.

La Vieja Música (The Old Music) is a 1985 Spaniard drama sport production movie directed by Mario Camus. It’s set in Spain when a new coach of the basketball team of Lugo arrives from Argentina. He really knows nothing about training a basketball team so he keeps the previous coach on and in the meantime tries to learn from videos and books, but his real reason for coming to Spain was to find out about an old lost love, who has changed since they met in the past and now she is a different person.

El Puente De Los Suspiros (Il ponte dei sospiri) is a 1964 Italian romantic adventure movie directed by Carlo Campogalliani and Piero Pierotti based on a novel written by French journalist Michel Zevaco. It’s set in Italy when a man, who is close to marrying the daughter of an important family, is condemned after a highly unfair judicial process and locked up in Venice. Digging a tunnel with the aid of his cellmate, the man succeeds to escape and ready to fight for the love of his life and marry her anyway.

Entre Dios y El Diablo (Anche nel west c’era una volta Dio) is a 1968 Italian/Spaniard coproduction adventure movie directed by Marino Girolami based on Treasure Island, a book written by Robert Louis Stevenson, where a man on the run with the map of a hidden treasure has enough time to hide it before dying. Then the map is found by a child, but suddenly stolen again by a mysterious individual. A group sets out to search for the treasure – among them the child and his uncle, a priest, all led by an explorer.

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