Ocean Communications is the leader in national distribution of transactional networks, reaching over 70 million homes in the U.S.  We can distribute any format of long form content in any length, from 30 minutes up to networks looking for 24/7 placement.  In partnership with our parent company, Olympusat, we provide affordable end to end solutions for our distribution partners.

Comprised of a team of industry leaders, Ocean Communications knows and works with the best in the transactional television business.  We understand the industry from the content provider’s perspective, as well as the operator’s point of view.  Our 20-year track record demonstrates our ability to effectively develop successful national distribution initiatives that fit each customers need.

Interested in our services?

We provide our distribution partners with:


Expert contract negotiation & advocacy with operators for transactional networks.


End to end content delivery services including satellite uplink, origination and transport


Digital storefront solutions to help network bridge the gap to the next generation of television by creating custom OTT and improved streaming/CDN


Customized market to market solutions, channel placement, promotional advertising campaigns, as well as production and creative design.


Full time traffic and programming services along with 24/7 content monitoring and quality assurance.

Transactional content provider partner examples include infomercials, live shopping, ethnic, emerging networks and faith based programming.